Current Account

Current Account

Zero Cost monthly fees

Our current account is completely available for you at zero cost. We won’t charge you for making electronic payments, receiving payments, domestic transfers, cash deposits or ATM withdrawals.

Earn interest

When you deposit money, we give you extra benefits. Our current account pays you 0.05% AER on balances up to £85,000.


COVID-19 support

A lot of people are facing financial challenges at the moment, and you may be finding that you need a little more support than usual. If you’ve been impacted or expect to be impacted by corona virus please take a look at our blog content and content on money worries for further information and guidance.

Save and share

Save up for the things you want by setting money aside for your ‘Goals’. You can also give a connected card to a trusted person so they can buy the things you need on your behalf.

Safeguard your money

We’re a fully registered bank and a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), so any money you keep with us will be fully protected, up to £85,000.

Mobile banking

All things mobile aren't made equal. With iBank, you get a lot more than just the convenience of an app-based current account.

Mobile cheque deposits

Deposit cheques up to £500 from your mobile. Just take a photo of the cheque via the app, and once it has been accepted, you’ll receive the funds within two working days. It’s as simple as that.

Instant notifications

Whenever a payment leaves or enters your account, we’ll let you know immediately. No more second guessing – and a little extra security against fraud.

Card controls

Lost your card? Don’t worry, you can lock it. You can even block certain transaction types, too. Because when you’re in full control, your money’s better protected from scammers, fraudsters and the like.